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"Meet Senate Candidate Bob Anthony" was first aired on Sunday June 20th 2004. Our Guest was Bob Anthony, Republican Candidate, U.S. Senate.

Our topics included:
  1. He's served 16 years on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, a statewide office - why has he now decided to run for the United States Senate?
  2. He worked "undercover" with the FBI and received a prestigious award from them - how was that experience, is he glad he did that or does he regret it?
  3. How will his Oklahoma Corporation Commission experience aid him if elected to the Senate
  4. He's had prior military experience - what should we do in Iraq?
  5. Where does he stand on the Constitutional Amendment to define what marriage is and isn't?
  6. He suggests some changes to be made in the Patriot Act - what would he recommend?
  7. There is a hot contest on the Republican side for the nomination - what distinguishes him from the other Republicans?
  8. Final comments

Bob Anthony, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers