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"A Conversation with Joe Castiglione" was first aired on Sunday June 6th 2004. Our Guest was Joe Castiglione, OU Athletic Director.

Our topics included:
  1. Bowl Championship Series - what's going on?
  2. Tweaking; adding a game; expanding to new conferences
  3. College recruiting:
  4. Colorado problems
  5. Rule changes
  6. Is football recruiting too loose now - does it need to be tightened up?
  7. Big 12 Developments:
  8. Income Distribution over $100 million
  9. Baseball tournament to Oklahoma City
  10. OU Regional
  11. Women's Softball: Oklahoma City home; Marita Hynes;
  12. Speculation regarding ESPN plans for "June Madness"
  13. College Coach Recruitment:
  14. Hire from outside or hire from staff
  15. Are bloodlines a problem - nepotism?
  16. What new to look for at OU:
  17. OU v. Duke and New York City
  18. Other things to anticipate

Joe Castiglione, Kent Meyers