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"What's Up in OU Athletics" was first aired on Sunday February 29th 2004. Our Guest was Joe Castiglione, O.U. Athletic Director.

Our topics included:
  1. Revamping of BCS
  2. Current format includes agreement between six conferences and four bowls bringing six-conference champions and two at large teams to play in the Orange, Sugar, Rose and Fiesta Bowls
  3. Much controversy about this - what, if anything, should be done
  4. Why doesn't the NCAA have a prescribed method to designate a champion like it does in every other sport
  5. Pay for play
  6. Athletes generate revenue for the University with their athletic participation - should they receive some sort of compensation for this activity
  7. What do they get now - athletic scholarship - at the University of Oklahoma, what does that value
  8. What about schools where athletics are not self-supporting
  9. What about minor sports
  10. Does he anticipate any change in the current system
  11. What kind of "Wizard of Oz" formula does he have for selecting a coach
  12. Does he keep a running list all the time
  13. What is his role in the selection of head coaches - assistant coaches
  14. What kind of background checks or resume vetting does he do
  15. Recruiting scandals - furnishing questionable entertainment/activity to recruits
  16. Is this a problem generally - what about at Oklahoma

Joe Castiglione, Kent Meyers