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"FIT Kids Coalition" was first aired on Sunday February 22nd 2004. Our Guests were Stanley Hupfeld, President & CEO INTEGRIS Health and Anne Roberts, Executive Director of Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy.

Our topics included:
  1. Health crisis - describe the problem
  2. How widespread nationally is this
  3. What about Oklahoma - "Oklahoma is one of the most obese states in the union" - why is that so
  4. What type of physical problems develop in children by being overweight
  5. What is meant by "Polite yawn of indifference"
  6. Focus on school: Physical education; fast food vending
  7. Focus on home
  8. What is the FIT Kids Coalition - who belongs to the Coalition; what is the mission
  9. What is Oklahoma's "FIT Kids Act of 2004" - what will it do
  10. Physical education; nutrition; school safe and healthy council
  11. How will this be funded - lottery - what happens if the lottery doesn't pass in November; statewide tobacco tax increase
  12. How can people help

Anne Roberts, Stanley Hupfeld, Kent Meyers