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"The Public Health Revolution - What's Next?" was first aired on Sunday February 15th 2004. Our Guest was James M. Crutcher, M.D., Commissioner of Health.

Our topics included:
  1. Revolution in public health
  2. Significant achievements:
  3. Vaccinations; safer workplaces; safer and healthier foods;
  4. Motor vehicle safety; the control of infectious diseases;
  5. Declines in death from coronary heart disease and stroke;
  6. Family planning; recognition of tobacco as a health hazard;
  7. Healthier mothers and babies;and fluoridation of drinking water
  8. The challenges never stop:
  9. Bio-terrorism; West Nile Virus and SARS; Tuberculosis
  10. Legislative hot topics:
  11. Oklahoma's trauma system; Proposed $1 increase in the tobacco tax.

Dr. Crutcher and Kent Meyers