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"A Conversation With Mike McCarville" was first aired on Sunday February 1st 2004. Our Guest was Mike McCarville, KTOK Radio.

Our topics included:
  1. Democratic presidential primary February 3rd. List of candidates.
  2. Mike's take on what will happen in Oklahoma.
  3. Mike's prediction on who the next candidates will be to drop out.
  4. Mike's prediction on who the democratic candidate will ultimately be.
  5. Early primary in Oklahoma. Effect this will have on Oklahoma. Was this good for Oklahoma.
  6. U.S. Senate Race. Democrat - Brad Carson. Republican - Craig Humphreys, Mike Fair, others?
  7. Will the Republicans fight among themselves?
  8. Outcome of the Senate race.
  9. Term limits - the turnover in the Legislature. What effect, if any on the legislative process.
  10. The Mike McCarville Foundation. Its purpose.

Mike McCarville, Kent Meyers