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"Cockfighting - The Movie" was first aired on Sunday January 18th 2004. Our Guest was Kent Frates, Attorney.

Our topics included:
  1. How they determined whether to make a movie that would be "R" or "PG-13"?
  2. What is the basic story line or message of this movie.
  3. Was this movie an attempt to be for or against cockfighting?
  4. Was there any inspiration for Senator Turner?
  5. How Mac Maguire got involved with the movie.
  6. The cast - Brimley and Linn; the experience; what they hope this movie will do.
  7. Are there any true-to-life figures portrayed in this movie?
  8. Kent Frates has a small part as a mayor of a small Oklahoma town - how he found that experience.
  9. When is this movie going to show - approximately how many screens.
  10. Will it show outside of Oklahoma - what are the plans.
  11. Anymore movies or TV scripts in the works for either of them.

Kent Meyers and Kent Frates