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"A Visit With the Chairman of The State Chamber" was first aired on Sunday January 11th 2004. Our Guest was Judy Hatfield, Chairman.

Our topics included:
  1. Every decade something new: 70's - graduate of OU; 80's - CPA;
  2. 90's - CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member of National Association of Realtors); 00's - Chairman, The State Chamber
  3. Principal areas of interest/concern for 2004 for the State Chamber: Worker's comp reform; Tort reform; and Other
  4. "The Legislature is a moving target, and that's good". What does she mean by that?
  5. Who does the lobbying with the Legislature?
  6. What she will do as Chairman.
  7. She stated about marketing Oklahoma, "David Boren is the number 1 economic development tool for our state." What does she mean by that.
  8. What can we do to develop others to perform this effectively?
  9. Besides lobbying, what does the State Chamber organization do?
  10. One year from today, looking back, what does she hope will be The Chamber's most satisfying accomplishment?
  11. What is her message to small business owners in Oklahoma?
  12. After the State Chamber, what's next for Judy Hatfield?

Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Judy Hatfield