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"Price Limits on Prescription Drugs" was first aired on Sunday January 4th 2004. Our Guest was Ron Kirby, State Representative, DIstrict 64.

Our topics included:
  1. What's the problem - specifically here in Oklahoma?
  2. How big a problem is it (whom does it affect)?
  3. What should the Legislature try to do about this?
  4. As price controls restrict the opportunity of the businessperson to sell their merchandise, what kind of bipartisan support is expected?
  5. What have other states done (Maine, etc.)?
  6. How would the draft Bill work?
  7. "Oklahoma Prescription Drug Fair Pricing Board": Makeup; Mission; Problems; Effective date of the Act
  8. What happens if major drug producers pull out of Oklahoma?
  9. How he sees this problem of high prescription drug prices being resolved finally?