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"The EDGE Project" was first aired on Sunday December 28th 2003. Our Guest was Kathryn L. Taylor, Secretary of Commerce.

Our topics included:
  1. Secretary of Commerce: What is the function of the Commerce Department; what kind of staff does it have?
  2. EDGE (Economic Development Generating Excellence)
  3. How did it get started? How does Commerce team with higher education?
  4. What is EDGE's mission? What is EDGE's membership? To whom does it report?
  5. What does "active partnerships among government, universities and private industries" imply?
  6. Is this new or has this been tried in the past in Oklahoma?
  7. Has this been done in other states?
  8. Why do we think Oklahoma can do better in economic development?
  9. Oklahoma is considered a pro-business state - Third least expensive state to do business; fourth lowest labor costs
  10. What is EDGE's progress?
  11. What do we expect in the future?