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"A Business Court for Oklahoma?" was first aired on Sunday November 16th 2003. Our Guest was Lance Cargill, State Representative, House District 96.

Our topics included:
  1. What is broken that needs to be fixed?
  2. Are decisions coming too slowly? Are decisions wrong?
  3. Are decisions being reversed by appellate courts too much?
  4. Study in Oklahoma - Miles Tolbert - Governor Henry
  5. What would Business Court do?
  6. Where - in what counties - some method for consolidation?
  7. How many positions would be needed? Are they new positions?
  8. Do we need more Judges than we have now?
  9. How would these Business Court Judges be selected/replaced?
  10. If they are to be elected (like other District Judges) and we are looking for certain qualifications, how can we be assured we will get Judges with the credentials that are needed?
  11. Are we creating a business czar?
  12. Will we still have jury trials in complex business cases?
  13. Will we only need statutory changes or will we need constitutional changes?
  14. Will the Supreme Court need to deal with this directly at its inception?
  15. What have other states done and how has it worked?
  16. What should we expect in this next legislative session about this?

Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Lance Cargill