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"Methamphetamine and What it Does to the Body" was first aired on Sunday October 26th 2003. Our Guests were Mary Ann Bauman, M.D. and J.C. McNutt, M.S.W..

Our topics included:
  1. Dr. Bauman discusses what Methamphetamine is and what effect it has on the body
  2. How it is created (cooked)
  3. What problems arise from its creation? Explosions, dust
  4. How it is ingested - swallowed, inhaled, smoked, injected?
  5. Addictiveness - how addictive is it - how does it compare to alcohol/tobacco/heroin?
  6. What kind of treatment is available for Meth addicts?
  7. How effective is treatment of the Meth addict?
  8. What should be done about this problem?

Mary Ann Bauman, Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, J.C. McNutt