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"Should Terry Nichols Be Tried in Oklahoma?" was first aired on Sunday April 1st 2001. Our Guests were J. W. Coyle III, Attorney, John Nance, State Representative and Bob Macy, Oklahoma County District Attorney.

Our topics included:
  1. Can Terry Nichols receive a fair trial in Oklahoma?
  2. Should the trial be moved out of Oklahoma County?
  3. Why are we wanting another trial, is it just to get the Death Penalty?
  4. "You can't put a price on justice" you agree?
  5. Would another trial bring about closure to those affected by the bombing?
  6. Bob Macy answers: What is a Gag Order?
  7. And is trying Terry Nichols in Oklahoma a personal issue for you?

John Nance asks J. W. Coyle - Which one of these people will you tell that they are not worthy of a trial from those who murdered you?