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"Oklahoma Supreme Court" was first aired on Sunday September 28th 2003. Our Guest was Chief Justice Joseph M. Watt, Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Our topics included:
  1. The Supreme Court - the highest Court in Oklahoma. What are its duties? What kind of cases does it hear?
  2. The Justices - how many - how selected. Who are they?
  3. The Judicial Nominating Commission. Retention ballot. Explanation of the Districts.
  4. How does a case get to the Supreme Court?
  5. Explanation of certiorari - what the word means.
  6. Original jurisdiction - example initiative petition
  7. What happens in the Court when a case is to be decided - who does what
  8. Relationship to Federal Courts - Certified questions.
  9. How is the administration of justice today in the State Court system in Oklahoma?

Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Chief Justice Watt