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"Oklahoma's Impact Players - Meet Rand Elliott" was first aired on Sunday August 10th 2003. Our Guest was Rand Elliott, FAIA, Elliott and Associates Architects.

Our topics included:
  1. Architect for 30 years - why an Architect?
  2. Why he has stayed in Oklahoma and what is "the Spirit of the Place"?
  3. He's been called the Prairie Miesen, who was Mies?
  4. A minimalist - less is more.
  5. The Heierding Building - his headquarters.
  6. Use of light - how important in Oklahoma - what is Oklahoma light?
  7. He's done a lot of work in relation to museums, what is the challenge there in dealing with viewing the past?
  8. His greatest debt is owed to Bruce Goff, the Oklahoma Architect - what does he mean by that?
  9. Automobile Alley - what is it, where is it, why is it?
  10. Firm size - makeup - principal work
  11. Interests outside work - Ballet Oklahoma - Oklahoma Arts Council - City Arts Center.
  12. Book Listening to the Land, available at Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City and all Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores in Oklahoma City and in Tulsa.