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"Oklahoma's Impact Players - Team Ferretti" was first aired on Sunday August 3rd 2003. Our Guests were Joe Ferretti, Ph.D. and Martha J. Ferretti, PT, MPH, FAPTA.

Our topics included:
  1. Affiliation with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  2. What is the Oklahoma Health Center - How does it differ from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center? Campuses, Colleges, Students, Faculty, Staff
  3. Marti Ferretti - on the faculty of the College of Allied Health - what does Allied Health mean?
  4. Duties & how she balances teaching with administrative responsibilities
  5. Joe Ferretti - what job as Provost entails - Scope of responsibility
  6. Technical side; his research and work in the infectious disease area
  7. His work in establishing the Pathogen Genome Sequencing Center
  8. Marti - service as an appointee of the Governor on the Interagency Coordinating Council for Early Childhood Intervention - what is involved in that?
  9. What children are being assisted
  10. Joe - his family and what he does in his spare time - interest in Native American art

Joe Ferretti, Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Marti Ferretti