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"Is it Unpatriotic to Question the Patriot Act?" was first aired on Sunday July 6th 2003. Our Guests were Robert McCampbell, United States Attorney, Western District of Oklahoma and John W. Coyle, III, Attorney.

Our topics included:
  1. Robert McCampbell: Briefly outline what the Patriot Act does. How is this different from prior procedure?
  2. John Coyle: What's wrong with this? Don't we need to prevent another 9/11 tragedy?
  3. Roving wire taps. How is this different from prior wire tap procedure and coverage?
  4. Is this appropriate?
  5. John - are you concerned with the Act itself or the way in which it is being administered?
  6. Changes in procedure for Foreign Intelligence wiretaps
  7. Ability to detain aliens
  8. Changes in internet surveillance procedures
  9. How do we strike an appropriate balance between internal national security and individual liberty?
  10. We did this after Pearl Harbor (internment of Japanese Americans)
  11. In each instance, there has been major criticism, after the fact of the excesses engaged in by Government officials at the expense of individual freedom - are we in danger of this again?
  12. Where do we go from here
  13. John: If the Patriot Act is not appropriate, what should be done.
  14. Robert: Comment

John Coyle, Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Robert McCampbell