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"Oklahoma's Impact Players - Meet David Rainbolt" was first aired on Sunday June 22nd 2003. Our Guest was David Rainbolt, Chief Executive Officer, BancFirst Corporation.

Our topics included:
  1. How did BancFirst get started why was it referred to originally as a confederation?
  2. How did the confederation turn into BancFirst?
  3. Locations.
  4. Largest state chartered banking institution. What size in assets? Number of employees?
  5. Headquarters location in Oklahoma City.
  6. What's ahead for banking generally in Oklahoma.
  7. Who is David Rainbolt and where is he going?
  8. David Rainbolt does more than banking: Boy Scouts. Past President of Last Frontier Council. Describe involvement;
  9. Governor's award for business in the arts Arts Council of Oklahoma;
  10. Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Board Member. Why this? What does it do for Oklahoma, the Nation?
  11. What's ahead for David Rainbolt?

Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, David Rainbolt