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"U.S. Supreme Court Update" was first aired on Sunday March 12th 2023. Our Guest was Joseph Thai, Professor of Law, Univ. of Oklahoma College of Law. Show No. 1138

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Our topics included:
  1. Discuss the Dobbs case and the leak of the draft Opinion.
  2. Issues involved.
  3. Positions, if any, taken by the parties.
  4. Discuss the ethical implications.
  5. Discuss the investigation among the Clerks and Justices.
  6. How he sees this being resolved.
  7. Discuss reform of the Court.
  8. Issues involved.
  9. Term limits.
  10. Positions being taken.
  11. What he thinks will be the result.
  12. Age limits.
  13. Positions being taken.
  14. How he sees it being resolved.
  15. Court packing.
  16. Issues involved.
  17. What he sees the resolutions being.
  18. His thoughts on the future regarding new cases to come to the court.

Professor Thai, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers